Sarepta, Webster Parish, La.

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2006/7 Sarepta High School, grades k-12 (Principal Jeff Franklin) per Claire Turner Fussell



Sarepta High School / Anthony Lionel Mullins
Submitted by LeVerne Langheld Kidd, Class of 57 from facebook


As you leave Cotton Valley on HWY 371, a sign tells you you only need to drive north another five miles to get to Sarepta.  When you reach the LA 2 junction, you must turn right and, once again, cross the railroad tracks.  Sarepta school is on the left and the stadium is on the right of LA 2.  The old school has an addition on the right.  A driveway to the back parking lot separates the addition and newer elementary additions still farther to the right.  The office entrance is in the back of the addition to the old building.  Behind the back parking lot is the gym and another addition.  If I counted correctly, besides the old building and the old gym, there are four new buildings on the campus--some newer than others.

 Claire Fussell

LA Hwy 2 Sign

Old Sarepta with new annex on right

Sarepta - 5 miles ahead

Sarepta additions, elementary on right

Sarepta closer view with annex on right

Sarepta Complex

Sarepta Corp. Sign

Sarepta gym from back parking lot

L.S. Hays Gym, Sarepta

Sarepta reader board sign - announcements

Sarepta view from back parking lot

Sarepta view from drive on right

Sarepta water tower above gym roof

The photographs below are compliments of Mr. Herbert Browning

Sarepta High School 

School colors: MAROON AND WHITE
 Mascot: Hornet


Sarepta Elementary on far right.
Daphne Browning taught school in this building 5 1/2 years.
Don't think it was part of the original building

More of Sarepta School - Don't believe this to be part of original school.

Sarepta High School Alma Mater

High apon a stately hill top Neath the secamores Stands our dear old alma matter Heartbeats forevermore   Foreward foreward Sarepta High School Time and time may fail But our hearts will beat forever Sarepta High we hail

Sarepta grew as the timber industry grew in Webster Parish, Louisiana. At one time it was a thriving community. In 1900 Sarepta had the fourth largest mill in the world when it was built. Today, Sarepta still has a school and post office. This is also where Trace Adkins was born.

Trace Is the nephew of J. W. Carraway. He has given credits to his Uncle  and grandfather Adkins in some of his biographies.



Trace Adkins helped keep country's traditionalist flame burning during the crossover-happy late '90s, mixing classic honky tonk with elements of gospel, blues, and rock & roll. Adkins was born in the small Louisiana town of Sarepta in 1962, and took up the guitar at an early age; he went on to study music at Louisiana Tech, where he also played football, and worked on an offshore oil rig after graduating. His finger was severed in an accident while on the job, and once several years had passed, he returned to music with the gospel quartet the New Commitments. In the early '90s he began to pursue a solo career, playing honky tonk bars and clubs as often as he could, and honing a powerful, wide-ranging baritone voice in the process. He spent several years on the circuit, and finally moved to Nashville to try his luck in the industry; he was quickly signed to Capitol by Scott Hendricks, who'd produced the likes of Brooks & Dunn, Faith Hill, and Alan Jackson. Adkins issued his debut album, Dreamin' Out Loud, in 1996, and it established him as a rising star. The lead single, "Every Light in the House," went to number three; "I Left Something Turned on at Home" hit number two; and "(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing" went all the way to number one. His 1997 follow-up album, Big Time, spawned another Top Five hit in "The Rest of Mine," and "Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone" just missed the Top Ten. However, it wasn't quite the commercial powerhouse of Dreamin' Out Loud; neither was its follow-up, 1999's More, which featured just one Top Ten single in the title track. Nonetheless, all three albums made the country Top Ten. 2001's Chrome brought Adkins into the Top Five of the country album charts for the first time, as the Top Ten lead single "I'm Tryin'" proved to be his biggest hit since "The Rest of Mine." In July of that year, Adkins was arrested for drunk driving and later pled guilty. The title track of Chrome belatedly climbed into the Top Ten in early 2003. Capitol released Greatest Hits Collection, Vol. 1 in July of 2003 and its companion DVD, Video Hits, in February 2004 with Adkins's fifth studio album, the December 2003 release Comin' on Strong, sandwiched in between. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide
Written by Steve Huey


South Main Street looking north. This was once Hwy. 7 from Dixie Inn                      

The Domino Shack


 Bank and Municipal Building in Sarepta located on 371

Behind the trees is the former ome of Anderson's Grocery Store. Now the home of Ark. of Webster,
which was SPARC, formerly Springhill Association of Retarded Children, which relocated from Springhill,
sometime after the store closed.

Sarepta Post Office just to the right  (north) of the other buildings.

  The history of Sarepta has been furnished by Theresa Matthews Bunner



Anna Denmon Chamlee, son Dorman Chamlee,
and Dorman's wife, Maggie Powell Chamlee.

Submitted by Theressa Bunner



To Lewis Thorla from San Antonia:  The last time I went to Sarepta  was two or three years ago to see the beautiful flag display the town had put up.  It was for some memorial holiday, maybe Veteran’s Day.  There were hundreds of American Flags all over the town.  It was one of the most impressive sights I have ever seen.  Maybe someone else has pictures of this they would be willing to share.

Sent by Carolyn Sale McDaniel, class of 1954, Minden High School

I ran across the Sarepta website and was struck by the pics of the old school.  I started school there in 1938 and my first grade teacher was Mrs Hollis Houston.  

My father was section foreman for the L&A railroad.  That Hays gym was built in 1939, I believe—Mr Hays was the principal in those years.  I have not been back there since 1978, but would love to see more pics of the old town.  We lived just about a mile up the road toward Cullen in an old railroad house.  A Mr Denmon was my school bus driver.  

I now live in San Antonio Tx and am alittle old for travel, but thank you for the memories.  

Lewis Thorla San Antonio Tx