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 Shongaloo Schools Submitted by Herbert Browning

 The History of Shongaloo submitted by Ann Mays Harlan


Photo by Herbert Browning

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The following information has been taken from North Webster Parish, The Early Years, Shongaloo By Tommie Blunt O'Bier On Shongaloo Schools, pgs. 118- 123

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1850-1910 The Children met in a one room building in the Union Springs School and paid tuition with farm products. 

1866- Old Shongaloo School was established. The building was purchased for $150.00 It continued until July 6, 1926. It closed when the students went to the new school in Shongaloo.

1890 - Hall School was established in 1890 and was opened until Jan. 14, 1910 when the students were sent to New Shongaloo.

Matthew School - Little is known about this school. Miss Lawson Waters taught at this school in 1907 Vera Wise Sanders also taught here. It closed Sept. 1915 when it consolidated with Old Shongaloo.

1909 - Tony McEachern School petitioned for a school  and was open for four months and was in operation until September 1915.

For several years Slack School was the most important school in the community. it was open for four months in 1908. Later a small house was open for the students who went there. Records show that it closed on January 12, 1912. The students were carried by wagon to New Shongaloo.

1910 - A new building was built across the road with a back porch on which the children ate their lunch, usually brought in a syrup bucket.

Sike's Ferry School was open between 1903-1915 and was tuition free. When the school closed they were sent to Shongaloo. The abandoned building was sold to A. Hadaway.

A school was allowed at Leton on April 3, 1908. It was opened for five months. On September 3, 1912 the board deeded the property to the Leton Union Church. 

In 1927, the Leton Community was authorized the school for church and community activities. A new school district #30 was created in 1929, to be known as Evergreen-Leton-Old Union Springs District. Children attended School at Evergreen.

In 1921 the Community divided  between two schools; Old Shongaloo and New Shongaloo..Log Cabin, Potters, Freezeout, Hall's, Slack's, Ferry, Leton, Accident, and Union Springs were all fused into the New Shongaloo School.
McEachern (Tony) and Matthews had become a part of old Shongaloo school.

Evergreen consolidated with Shongaloo in 1957.

This history was taken from North Webster Parish, The Early Years by Tommie BLunt O'Bier

Having been the principal at Shongaloo School before coming to MHS, I can provide you some of your info:
Shongaloo School


Photos by Herbert Browning

Shongaloo's Alma Mater
        These hallowed halls we hold so dear
        Where memories fond recall
        The friendships made, the goals and dreams
        The greatest hopes of all.
        They carry us to higher heights,
        Admit defeat, no never.
        Stand tall, Stand firm
        These memories say and warm our hearts forever;
        Shongaloo High forever.
Words by Kaye Benefield
Music:  Jane Talley
    Tigers:  Black and Orange school colors
Shongaloo High School,grades k-12(Principal Cyndi Hair)
        Previous:  Scott Johnston (0405)
                        Darrell Peddy (0305)
                        Kaye Benefield
                        Jackie Sharp
                        Morris Busby (90-97)
                        Wayne Thrash (about 25 years??)
        Current Buildings Built:
                        Gym-1930's remodeled in 1991
                        Elementary--Early 1960's
                        High School-built in 1991
Compliments of MHBusby

Looking North along Main Street -Photo compliments of Herbert Browning

 Looking South along Main Street.This highway goes to Minden. - Photo compliments of Herbert Browning

 Shongaloo, from the Webster Parish Centennial 1871-1971, Compliments of Ann Mays Harlan