By Nolan Bailey


Skinny Dipping Minden Style

Here is some "gossip" that will probably be ignored...<huge grin>

An interesting story made it back to Bienville from the great metropolis of Minden--during the late 1950's.  Or, perhaps
one of my high school friends and I brought it back from Minden after we attended a dance there on one Saturday night. 

The fable goes like this.  A group of Minden teens, male and female, decided to go "skinny dipping" one night in the
"sand pits" on Highway 80 between Minden and Dixie Inn, as I recall.  Unfortunately, for the couples, law enforcement
officers from the area wandered into the "dipping" area.  The law officers made all of the "swimmers" get out of the water, buck naked, and
wouldn't let them put their clothes on.  Phone calls were made and the "skinny dipping students" were delivered to their parents dressed in their
best Sunday "birthday suits."

Any truth to this "urban myth?"  <huge grin>


That sure brought back some pleasant memories! No names, tho', to protect the guilty. Does anyone remember the big earthmoving rig driven into the pits on Halloween night about 1969?

Amelia (Richardson) Benner

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