Hi Sherry,  I have enjoyed Slim Whitman's singing since the 40's.  I remember he was a star on the Louisiana Hayride at the time and  came to Minden for a performance at the near baseball park in the early 50's.  There was a platform built around pitcher's mound I enjoyed seeing him sing ROSE MARIE and others.  When Elvis came to the Hayride about 1954, Whitman would have top billing when they made appearances in the area together. 

Jerry Frasier      

About the Civitan's, Slim Whitman---In the mid to late 40's, Dad, Uncle Eugene Lumpkin and I went to a duck calling contest in Shreveport. During intermission we were entertained by the Singing Mailman, all dressed in black. My   memory is fuzzy, but I think it was Slim. At that time Slim had a 15 minute program on KWKH. I would listen as I watched out the window for the school bus. Can any of your readers help with my memory?

Herman Ratcliff.

In answer to Herman Ratcliff's question, the man known as The Singing Mailman was Marvin Lacy.  Here's a link where Herman can see web site.


Country and Western music of the 50s and 60s
Earlene Lyle

                 Civitans Present

      SLIM WHITMAN                         

                              AND THE

               "Smiling Star Duster" Boys in

         "I'm Casting My Lasso Toward the Sky"

                  Friday, November 30, 1951

              Minden High School Auditorium

                     Compliments of Neil Baker, Class of 1956