The Squirrel and the 'Hicker Nut'

   This is a great story written by W. D. Sharpling November 12, 2005 during the Ghost Walk weekend.

     Just a note to say Hey, I suppose you have had a good old time in
Minden over the past week-end I wish I could have been there but was not
possible.  I hope to get to Minden next summer to visit with friends and
relatives.  While everyone was at the gathering I wasn't getting too many
E-Mails so I visited the Minden Memories Site Thanks bunches it is a great
site.  I got into the area that has the pix and stories of Dorcheat Bayou.
While viewing the Pix of the old railroad trestle out on highway 80 west it
reminded me of a story of when I was about 15 years old.


    One time when fishing under the rail road trestle on old U S 80 on
Dorcheat Bayou near Dixie Inn, the fishing was slow and I had became very
bored.  I kept hearing this rustling in a tree back to my right side and
looked to see what was going on.  There was a large flat rock about five
foot out in the water and there was a lone 'hicker nut' lying just on the
edge of the rock.  There was a squirrel on the lowest limb of a tree trying
to get the 'hicker nut'.  First he would hang by his back legs and try to reach
the nut with his front legs, then he would hang by his front legs and try to
get it with his back legs.  Every way he tried the nut was jus a few inches
out of reach.  It had been a bad season for 'hicker nuts' and they were very
scarce and this squirrel really wanted this nut.  the squirrel noticed if he
bounced just a little the limb would sway closer and closer to the 'hicker
nut'.  Now he hung by his back legs and caused the limb to sway closer and
closer to the nut, just as he got close enough to grab the nut with his
front paws a huge cat fish flounced up out the water and swallowed the
Squirrel, 'hicker nut' and all whole.  Just as I thought I had saw every thing
I heard a stirring and swirling in the water near the big flat rock, I looked
over and that big old catfish was on the edge of that big rock with another
'hicker nut' in his mouth, pushing it up on the edge of the big rock.

Thanks again