Compliments of Nolan Bailey

Since I am bored I would like to share a memory with you that keeps going
through my mind.

Well here is something you can do to keep from being bored.  This is a mystery couple that
I have attached.  Both were Minden residents for years and years. In fact, the lady is still a Minden resident.
Note the 1940's (plus or minus) era Ford State Police vehicle.  When is the last time one saw an
International pickup.  Guess who they might be.  The trooper served around Minden for a millennium, or so...

Guess who?


This is fun, can you give us another clue?

Hah!  The first name of the lady is Martha.  When is was a young "whipper snapper" in Oakridge on Roosevelt Drive, she and her family
lived just down the street on Roosevelt Drive.  Small world.  When I began to date the lady who became my wife, , lo and behold, Martha
was married to my wife's uncle... 


This couple is Martha? McEachern class of '52 and husband Dave Wimberly La.State Trooper  

LaVerne Langheld Kidd


How about this for timing, we were just trying to guess this person and low and behold she's on the front page of today's Press-Herald !    

Laverne Langheld Kidd

Picture of Martha (McEachern) Wimberly . Husband, deceased now, is Dave Wimberly. Martha still works at Cards and Things shop here in Minden and still just lovely. Has hardly aged and has the cutest figure. She is so full of life and a treat to be around.

 Martha would be about in her early 70's now and you should drop by Cards and Things shop and visit with her. She and Dave married while she was still in high school. I had French class with her.

Carolyn Sale McDaniel


Looks like Dave Wimberly to me.

Narley Stryder aka Fred Moore


Sherry, The picture is of Martha and Dade Wimberly.  Martha was the former Martha McEachern, the sister of an old friend of mine and 1956 graduate A. C. McEachern.
Johnny Lee


This is Martha McEachern and her husband's name was Wimberly

Earlene Lyle


Sherry, how about Martha McEachern and Dave Wimberley? 

 Rowland Ivy

Dave Wimberley and Martha McCeachern Wimberley.  Great looking Ford car.

Charles "Chuck" Liles


Wow!  You guys win an all expenses paid vacation over to Dixie Inn.  :-)   Indeed, it is Martha McEachern and DADE Wimberly, who was an uncle of my wife.
I was going through some old negatives yesterday, found in a long lost box, and decided to scan this one and make it a "puzzle" or "riddle." 

Martha and A.C. lived across the street and down two or three houses when I lived in the Oakridge Estates during WWII.  I've already told you about the "cave" that A.C. dug under their home.  It was an extensive network that wound around, and I'm surprised that the home didn't collapse... :-)



Sherry, if I am not mistaken, Martha and Sue were going skating at the Sibley Rd. skating rink the same time that Flo and I and Stoney were going there.  Marthat met Dade Wimberly down there as he would patrol and stop in at the rink.  Sue would be able to add more to this. 

 Corene King Ingals