(Grandma's Note: This is my favorite picture of Steph.   Can't seem to lighten the shadows that somewhat obscure the view of left shoulder and arm.)

Stephanie Strong, an International Academy of Design and Technology junior, was recently named the recipient of a study abroad scholarship.

She will be spending her summer quarter studying at the American Intercontinental University, London, England through a university-sponsored program.

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is pursuing a major in Interior Design. Her selection for this intercontinental studies and work program was based on her academic performance, community involvement and her personal essay. She was one of only five United States students selected from a field of many competing students.

Stephanie, who carries a 3.67 GPA, has completed three years of a four-year degree at International Academy of Design and Technology, Sacramento, California. After graduating from Sheldon High School, Elk Grove, California, she completed two years at Bay Area Masters Commission, an intense Christian discipleship program based out of a world-wide organization known as Masters Commission International. She has a passion for missions and a strong desire to help in the areas of building and design in third world countries.

She participated in many community volunteer programs such as Habitat, designing and setting-up various charitable and social events, and walking the 5K sponsored by her employer, Chili's Restaurant.

Stephanie's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Robby and Sandy Strong of Sacramento, California. Her grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Kitty Strong of Bellbrook, Ohio.

I am so proud of our Steph being selected for her studies in London.  She is presently spending a tremendous amount of hours finalizing and fine-tuning her portfolio.  But with tenacity, fortitude and discipline, she is rounding the corner.  Departure date is July 15th with return date approximately Oct 15th.  I'll miss talking to my sidekick almost everyday, since international cell phone plans are all quiet expensive.  I researched on-line for hours before selecting the least expensive one I could find.  If she has a land/home phone in her flat, I believe we can communicate a little more cheaply.  But she won't know if that is an accommodation until she arrives there.
I must tell a few amusing stories about some of her volunteer projects.  When she shared some of her Habitat experiences, I couldn't possibly imagine our Steph slinging a hammer and pouring cement.  As President of her interior design class, she solicited volunteers to help set-up at a local style show.  Lots signed-up, but she called once, tired and exasperated because only two people showed-up for a large set-up for the style show.  She called one morning after the 5K walk; invigorated, proud of herself and feeling great physically.  She had to work her server's shift at Chili's that evening also.  The next day all the muscles in her body which she hadn't used before were so extremely sore.  Luckily she had the next day off to recuperate.
Steph and I have had tremendous fun getting together on-line at Macy's and Elder Beerman department stores pouring over the merchandise.  We have spent the prior three months shopping sale and clearance bargains with grandma's credit cards before her London trip.  I think we have put together a fabulous wardrobe.  My only criteria suggestion to Steph was that she would develop a wardrobe with career sophistication and some European influence.  Of course, since the 60's styles that Michelle Obama is bringing back, were in grandma's heyday, I gave her a few nudges in that direction.  We can envision trips to affluent designer showrooms and warehouses with my Steph in her dazzling new attire.  And who knows what other functions.  Ha!  We have fun and enjoy anticipating and dreaming.  As you can see, I'm very proud of our granddaughter and take a grandma's privilege and opportunity to brag on her. 
Love You and Making Memories,
Sue Milner Strong  Class of 1955