By Sam Cheatham

Samuel Aldon Owens was my Grandfather and also Jerry Norwood's.  My grandparents lived on Bayou Avenue.  They owned a small home on the left just across the railroad tracks.

My mother, Lillie Mae,  and Jerry's mother, Aunt O'Neal, were at school when they found out about the storm. Mother was running from school down that street. The storm was just getting there when someone stopped and pulled her into the ditch to protect her. It was all they could do to keep her there until the storm passed as she was so close to her Dad.

My grandfather was a logger and cut hair when he was not cutting logs. He was cutting a man's hair that day. They say he ran out to see what was going on and was killed. He belonged to the Woodmen of the World. They put that on his tombstone.
In the obit they misspelled Mr. and put Ms. 

His name was Samuel Aldon Owens.  I was named after him. When my youngest son was born we named him Aldon. I thought my mother was going to cry when we told her we had named our son Aldon.

Samuel Aldon Owens sleeps in the Macedonia Cemetery outside Homer City limits in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.


Sarah Emma Hooten Owens

March 15, 1859--October 13, 1933

Gabriel H. Owens

October 02, 1858--November 18, 1928


Buried beside the Woodman of the world tomb was George H. and Clara W. Owens

Clara Watson Owens

December 19, 1903--December 05, 1995

George H. Owens

August 24, 1895--December 06, 1973


Sudie Mae Levins Owens

May 15, 1897--October 15, 1975