Students See West By Cycle


Bernard and Mastin graduated from Minden High School in 1951.

November 1950

Submitted by Bernard McCoy


Bernard, I remember you and Mastin's trip very well.  You were probably the envy of every boy in MHS.  I remember well the chapped lips.  Mastin's lips were split so badly he could hardly talk.


But I also remember that there were some scrapes and bruises.  The story was that out west it was so hot you had to travel at night.  One of you went to sleep and ran over the other one.  If this it true, it really should be added to the article.


Also you might want to add another story about the time you and Mastin decided to dye your hair black.  Putting the dye on with brushes as directed by the instructions was too slow for you so y'all put the dye in a pan and used your hands to put on your hair.  You dyed your scalps and your hands and arms up to your elbows.  When you came to school on Monday your hands and arms were raw from the scrubbing when you tried to remove the dye.


What a pair you were.


Rowland Ivy, Class of 1952