Compliments of Rev. Sharon Hennigan Waters

Photo compliments of Bill Martin, Class of 1954

L-R, J. D. Batton, H. D. Benefeld,, Paul Eubanks, ______Roland Hennigan, Buster Adkins, Johnny Hudson, next to the tall man _____, Warren Grigsby, _____, and Bill Savacool on the right end.

 (Identified by Ronnie Hennigan)

Can someone name the others?

Could any of them be Russell Adams, Mr. Martin, Otis Minter, or Clarence Wiley? Your help needed and appreciated.

Can someone identify the men in the men in the picture? If so, e-mail MindenMemories@AOL.COm


Roland and Rev. Lura Hennigan , I believe in Arcadia just before they married in 1932. She was 17 and he was 27.

He was born September 26, 1905 and she was born January 12, 1916.




                                  Rev. Lura and Roland Hennigan in New Orleans, La. in 1986


                                                Rev. Lura and Roland Hennigan at home in Minden


                                                                                Roland Hennigan


                                              Roland Hennigan coming home for dinner. He was 82.


                                                               Rev. Lura Hennigan and Sharon

                                              Does anyone recognize the lady and little boy?


Bethel Faith Temple

Rev. Lura. Hennigan is in the top middle holding Sharon. Rev. Lura Hennigan built this little cinderblock church before the one that faced Reynolds Street. The older lady with the braids around her head was Mrs. Willie Duke. I think the tall lady on the right was Louise Duncan. Don't have a clue about who the other children are. Sharon was born in May 1959 so It was about 1960? Maybe a reader will recognize them and e-mail us with their names at

Church Picture: Sue Willie Duke, Lura Hennigan is holding Sharon and the lady on the right is Agnes Calender per Ronnie Hennigan.


                                   Unidentified photo taken at Bethel Faith Temple

                                  L-R, Rev. Lura Hennigan, Ronnie and Charlie


         Rev. Lura Henningan had just built this church on Reynolds street. She is on the right. Who are the others?


Charlie & Ronnie Hennigan with Dad, Roland Hennigan in 1954. This was the LSU Lakes probably the year Charlie was there.


                 Rev. Lura Hennigan and granchild Camille Waters in 1987 (Daughter of Rev. Sharon Hennigan Waters)


                                               Rev. Lura Hennigan in the yellow and her two sisters;

                                               Pauline________and Johnnie___________

                                Steve Hennigan, Charlie's eldest son graduates from Medical school,

                               Mr. Roland Hennigan is holding Rev. Sharon Hennigan Waters son and

                               she is holding her daughter, Camille. Rev. Lura Hennigan is standing next to

                                                                        Roland Hennigan and Rev. Waters.

                                              Can someone identify the other people in the picture?


                                                Charlie, Taylor, Jordan, Shalome, and Baby Faith in 1987



                                                            Charlie's children plus one of the Water's Children

                                                                                        James Hennigan

                                                                                        Taylor Hennigan

                                                                                     Jordan Kay Hennigan

                                                                                        Shalome Hennigan

                                                                                            Faith Hennigan

                                                                              Ian Waters in the brown coat


                                                                               Charlie's daughter's

                                                                     Jordan Kay, Shalome and Faith


                                                                 Charlie's son Taylor (with the ball) when he was in the Marines.


                                                                                          Charlie and Ronnie Hennigan


                                       Robert Earl Lee, Johnny Ross David and Ronnie Hennigan


                                                              Charlie Hennigan with grandson, Luke


                                                                  Tim, Todd and Tracy Hennigan


                                                                  Todd Henngan


                                                 Sharon Hennigan -  engagement picture


                            Charlie Hennigan with, his sister, Sharon's husband, Bruce Waters


                        Rev. Sharon Hennigan Waters with the bishop preparing for ordination


                                     Rev. Sharon Hennigan Waters with Archbishop TuTu Emory ______in 1999

.                      ................................................................................................................................

                                                         Stewart Elementary School -1965


                                                       Stewart Elementary School 1966-1967 Second Grade

                                          Stewart Elementary School, Minden, Louisiana 1967-68

                       Stewart Elementary School, Minden, Louisiana 1968-69 - Fourth Grade

                                                                  Row 1...
                                       Otho Gordon, Jack Miller, Merlin House

                                                                  Row 2
                                     Debra Liles.Heflin, Karen Thomas, Denis Haynes

                                                                     Row 3
                                   Tommy___, Betty Taylor, Carolyn Myles, Randy Clary

                                                                      Row 4
                                  Teresa Valentine, Teresa Brett, Chuck Lowe, Steve Griffie

                                                                       Row 5
                                  Barry Chandler, Patricia C____, Pam Kendrick, Sharon Hennigan

                                                                         Roy 6
                                  Kirby Moore, Jack Baton, Debbie Underwood Mike Chreene


Rev. Lura Hennigan also taught piano lessons. Her recitals were held at Stewart Elementary School.