Submitted by Ronnie Hennigan

This is a true story about a man in Minden named Lenoard. He was a big squirrel hunter.

One morning after he had been hunting he was walking down the road with squirrel's hanging out of his hunting sack, & out of his pocket.  He had squirrel's everywhere. As he was walking down the road A neighbors dog ran out to follow Lenoard and smell the squirrel's. About that time A car from Arkansas  pulled up beside him and asked if he had killed all those squirrel's with that dog. Lenoard told him that he had. The guy asked Lenoard if the dog was for sale and Lenoard told the guy from Arkansas that he was, but he would have to have 500 dollars for him. Lenoard got his 500 dallars and the man from Arkansas got the neighbors dog.
I approved this story
Ronnie Hennigan