Presenting Jerry Frasier Lead Singer of The Tunes


L-R, Jerry Frasier, Benton Irby, Neil Baker, Don Holt and Bobby Moorehead

L-R, Bill Slay, Charles Harper, Benton Irby,  Jerry Frasier, Neil Baker on the drums and Jerry Ship playing the piano

L-R, Neil Baker, Bobby Moorehead, Jerry Frasier, Benton Irby and Don Holt

L-R, Bobby Moorehead, Jeralyn Shipp, Jerry Frasier, Don Holt and Neil Baker

Don Holt is on the left; Earlene Mendenhall is in the white dress on the right


Bobby Moorehead, Earlene Mendenhall, Lawrence Scruggs, Jerry Frasier and Don Holt

 Jerry Frasier, and Don Holt  The left handed guitar player in the photos is Bobby Moorhead

and the drummer is Larry Scruggs.  Jerry

L-R, Don Holt, Earlene Mendenhall and Jerry Frasier

Jerry Frasier is on the left. Earlene Mendenhall is pictured in the white dress.

John O. Wright was the father of Wanda Jean Wright, class of 1957. Bobby Moorehead

is playing the guitar.

Margaret Powell, Jerry Frasier and Benton Irby





L-R, Don Holt, Earlene Mendenhall, Bobby Moorehead, Jerry Frasier, & Larry Scruggs.

Don Holt, Jerry Ship, Jerry Frasier and Bobby Moorehead

L-R, Bobby Moorehead playing the guitar

 Jeralyn Shipp playing the piano

Jerry Frasier is the lead singer

 Don Holt playing the upright base

 and Neil Baker the drums