Tommy D. Searles played right end for the Minden Crimson Tide.
After graduation he married his high school sweetheart, Edna Lowe,
daughter of Theresa McConnell and Prentiss Lowe.

After graduating from Louisiana Tech, they relocated to Clarksburg, MD.

Today he is President of the American Lumber Standard Company. You
can read about Tommy and ALSC on Google.

Edna is a professional artist. She has just finished a book on poetry, her 10th.
She also teaches art. She just finished a show at the conference center where
she showed her art. You can see her 56 ft. Muriel and other artwork picture
on her website at

Tommy and Edna have four children; Dan, Laura, Carol and Prentiss. They
also have sixteen grandchildren. All her grandchildren are home schooled.
Four are now in college.