Tour of Germantown Colony

        November 11, 2005


L-R, Richard Grigsby, Class of 1954, Mary Pratt Littlepage and Roy G. Baggett Class of 1955, Betty Grigsby, wife of Richard

in the wine sweater and slacks, Carolyn Sale McDaniel, Class of 1954 in the white jacket, Mary & Dr. Steve Kirkikis Class of 1953,

Sandra Richardson Walsh in the white sweater, Class of 1958, Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, Class of 1955 and her daughter,

Donna Moffett, Class of 77. (Not pictured LeVerne and Billy Kidd)

Jim Gritzbaugh took the picture.

L-R, Richard Grigsby, Mary Littlepage, Betty Grigsby, Roy Baggett , Carolyn Sale McDaniel, Mary Kirkikis, Steve Kirkikis,

Sandra Richardson Walsh, Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh, and Jim Gritzbaugh

Donna Gritzbaugh Moffett took the picture

 This is the O'Bier home now located inside the Germantown Colony

They took it apart and moved it from the Shonagloo land many years ago.
 It was a neat old place. I can remember it well, even when we had
put plumbing in it. More fun than going to the outhouse and well for
water. I almost drove the tractor into the front of it when I was 4
with my Uncle Tilon. Might have some black & whites somewhere. I'll
have to work on the bio of Mom. Get back to you on that one. 

Art Miller

  According to Joy Web they  had promised to restore this cottage when they accepted it.  

  So far nothing has been done.

Tour Guide, Betty Grigsby with Dr. Steve and Mary Kirkikis

inside one of the cabins.

Billy Kidd standing in the doorway listening to tour guide Betty Grigsby

The Countess taught piano lessons while she was at the Colony.

                      Richard Grigsby is standing in the door of the cottage

                               Notice the handmade lock on the left door.

L-R-Sandra Richrdson Walsh, Dr. Steve Kirkikis & wife, Mary, and Carolyn Sale McDaniel

Back of Mark Kirkikis and Betty Grigsby

A few exiting events preceded the final tour of the cellar - such as finding rattle

snakes in the cellar and watching a panther emerge from under the house. Sorry

no more cellar tours!


Photographed by Bob Grambling

Submitted by Greg Grambling

 Germantown 53

Germantown Organ 53 - Does anyone recognize the organist?