Two Storms and Emergency Operations

(The following is an e-mail from Tim CARTER to his daughter on Nov 20,

The following was in the Minden Press Herald about the first week of May,
1999.  Read below the article for my extension of information. DAD

Emergency operation for Webster Parish

MINDEN - The two worst tornados in terms of human suffering in the history
of the state of Louisiana occurred in Minden in 1933 and in Cotton Valley in
1949, said local historian John Agan.
When a disaster such as a tornado occurs, the emergency operation plan for
Webster Parish comes into effect.  Emergency preparedness coordinator Gordon
Ervin said, "The immediate response would be from disaster services, such as
law enforcement, fire department, public works and the hospitals."

I heard Dad [Ezra S. Carter] tell this story many times.  It was about Mr.
Adams who lived on the east end of our block when we lived on Goat Hill.
Our address was 508 Meyers on the south side of the street, west end of the
block.  The Zachery's lived in center of the block and the Adams lived on
the east end of the block.  Mr. Adams was a plumber and was a very strong
man.  He owned his own co, and even though he had vehicles, he always walked
home - just a little over a mile from downtown Minden.  And, as for Mrs.
Adams, she made some of the best cookies and cakes around.  Every time any
of us kids went by she was offering us some of her pastries.  This was from
about 1939 to 1947.

Now, for Dad's story - When the tornado of 1933 came up, Mr. Adams was on
his way home.  He was about two buildings before turning down the Sibley Rd
to go South from "Back" Street.  He was in front of what was then the
Catholic Church.  Not seeing anything where he could get protection from the
storm Mr. Adams ran onto the front lawn of the church and grabbed hold of
the water faucet pipe.  That pipe must have been about 18 inches tall.
Well, the wind was carrying him around and around that pipe.  He couldn't
see anything, but something hit him in the chest and he wrapped his other
arm around it.  When the wind died down, he discovered he was holding a
little girl.