Union Springs School and Church

By Tommie B. O'Bier



The book was compliments of Joy O'Bier Webb,  Photo by  Herbert Browning

Judy has quoted one of the interesting, amusing stories from Tommie O'Bier's book.  Remember I told you it would be an interesting, fun book to read.  This reminds me I need to pull it from the Minden Library shelf every now and then and read it.  They won't let me check it out.
Ann May Harlan

The book is still for sale. You can order your own copy from Joy Webb, the daughter of Tommie O'Bier. Sometimes they called her "Roadrunner".

If you have Webster Parish roots, you will be interested in having your own copy of this book. There is not a day that goes by that I am not reading mine. It is well written and fun to read. Sherry Gresham Gritzbaugh. 


 I was very interested in the mention of the Union Springs Churches in Minden Memories. There is a wonderful book, North Webster Parish, the Early Years by Tommie Blunt O'Bier, that includes the history of the Union Springs Churches. My great grandmother and my grandparents were members there at one time. Grandfather, W. T. Gleason, donated the land for the new church across the road from the original nondenominational church (now rebuilt). It is still quite active today. According to O'Bier, the first person buried in the cemetery was Sam Rogers, a sawmill worker, buried in 1900.






One of many amusing stories in the O'Bier book about the Union Spring Church is as follows:
Usually several men stood on the outside during the services.... One night the men outside were especially noisy. A woman seated in the back of the church suddenly rushed up to the front. Grasping the lamp on the speaker's stand, the only light in the room, she said to the preacher, "Them boys is fightin' like hell out yonder and I've got to see what's goin' on." With that, she ran outside with the lamp. The preacher continued his sermon in the dark.
Thanks again for all your efforts on our behalf.
Judy Gleason Claassen

















That is Union Springs Baptist Church.  It is right across the road from the Cemetery and the little white building with the "Historical Marker" that says Union Springs School Church and Cemetery.  Don't know exactly what the little building is now, but is is well kept.

Take Louisiana Highway #2 West from Leton for approx five miles and turn south on Louisiana Highway 33008. Go approx. 75 mile, cemetery will be located on left. It is the SE1/4 of SE of Sec 13 Township 22 Range 10 W. The church and cemetery were formed in 1894.   



This is the story of the Union Spring Churches from 1920 -1990 Shongaloo, Louisiana By Tommy O'Bier Compliments of Joy O'Bier Webb and the family of Tommy O'Bier's family. This was taken from her working copy of the the only book she had.























  3rd. paragraph of page 4.