Christway Baptist Church members and Sue Ezanack, Neva Hymes and Nola Ellington were nominated for their contribution to their community through work with and development of The Lanell Ezanack Samaritan House, which was named after a much-loved church member who passed away two years ago, according to those who nominated them. The object of Samaritan House is to sell clothes and other items at very low prices and use the money from the sales to fund utility help and prescription help for senior citizens. They also offer free items to families who experience disaster such as a house fire and help seniors fill out forms for reduced or free prescription services. The church held fundraisers for several months, purchased an old mobile home and began work. For months these ladies would go to garage sales and ask for donations of clothes and items left over from private garage sales in order to stock the shelves with items for sale.



                                                Nola Ellington Stonecipher and Bobby Ellington

We got married on December 15, 1967. It was a cold and rainy day. I had an apartment in Shreveport and Bobby lived a few blocks away at his motherís house. We were going to go to a Justice of the Peace and get married because we couldnít afford a wedding. Bobbyís brother lived out in the country north of Alexandria. They told us to come down and have the wedding at their house.

After much running around and doing errands we finally arrived at Donaldís house around 5 that afternoon. We didnít even take time to really eat a meal that day. All we had eaten that day was a tuna fish sandwich. We had the wedding at Donaldís house and then went over to an old small farmhouse next door. This has been a camp-house the family would stay in when they came down from Shreveport to visit relatives here.

Around 10 that night we realized that we were starving since all we had eaten since noon was some punch and wedding cake. At that time everything in Alexandria pretty much shut down as soon as it got dark. We rumbled around in the kitchen of the farmhouse to see what we could find to eat. We found a half of a loaf of bread in the freezer, some coffee, and 1 can of English peas. We made coffee, toast and heated the peas. We were so starving that anything could find would be good. So our first meal as man and wife was English peas, toast and coffee. Bobby laughs and says we havenít come that far but at least we can afford butter for the toast :o)

We had a cheap wedding, no feast for a wedding supper; but we have had 36 years of a marriage better than most. We are thankful to God for putting us together. I think that on our 50th anniversary we may just duplicate that wedding supper for our anniversary supper.



                                                                   December 15, 2003


                                                                  Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006                             

                                               Age certainly does agree with Nola and Bobby!!!


                             And about that wedding supper, we celebrate #40 tomorrow


                                                             December 15, 2007

                                               HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BOBBY AND NOLA

                        Bobby bought me an anniversary ring today.  It is small and elegant.