Benjamin Franklin Frasier and Lucy Ann Luster

         William Simon Frasier and Virginia Elizabeth Sanders

         Edward Percy Frasier and Lillian Ovie Alexander

          Robert Jane Alexander and Eliza Jane Thomason

          George Britnall Gray and Helen Irene Parker

          Edmond Alexander and Helen Irene Gray

          Ancestors of Jerry Frasier featured under The Tunes and Presenting The Tunes also on this site


Robert James Alexander (1840-1923) and Eliza Jane Thompson (1845-1912)

Edward Barney Alexander (1877 - 1931)  and Helen Irene Gray (1880-1971)

George Britnell Gray (1845-1890) Helen Irene Parker Gray (1859-1849) Children; George Britnell, Jr., Helen Irene. William Thomas , and Cora Gray




Aunt Lit and Jerry

Aunt Lit and Uncle Percy

Lillian Alexander and Percy Frasier at Fort Humburg

UnclePercy Frasier and others at the McKinney home at Yellow Pine, Louisiana before it became Yellow Pine Inn

From L-R, Cousin Billy McKinney, Uncle Albert Swain, Uncle Bob  Ryan, and  Jerry's Dad,  Edward Frasier

(Billy's expression pretty much sums up how most of the young people felt about being pulled away from their fun

times of the day. Looking back now those were special times.

Edward Frasier married Lillian Alexander Frasier parents of Shirley and Jerry

I enjoyed playing baseball at Griffith Stadium, and the fair every fall was
great on the adjoining fairgrounds.  When I lived on Goodwill Street we
would watch the carnival come in.  My Dad bought the cafe building with
the small pond and land and the house on the curve on Pine Street.  I lived there
all of my high school days and consider that my home when I think of
Minden, even though we lived in at least a dozen homes when I was growing
up.  Daddy built several ponds there to raise minnows for the fishermen going
to Caney Lake and intended to retire doing this.  At the time, Robinson property
was next to ours.  Daddy sold the house, during my freshman year of college, to
Ray Boyle who owned Boyle's Drug Store.  I do remember Mr. Robinson
who bought the house from the Boyles and opened a nursery.  I remember
his grocery store near the ball park on Pine street.  He then built a modern house
on the end of Elm street in 1957.

Daddy was instrumental in developing the Pecan View subdivision and
worked for the CCC during the depression helping to build  surrounding roads.
He named one of the streets in the Pecan Subdivision Shirley.  Wonder if one
was named Jerry?  Dad was very popular with the drug store coffee crowd.                  
He was elected to the City Council in 1960.  He had a heart attack in August 1967, 
just one day after we left to return to Atlanta.  We were in Ruston the summer of 1966
and 1967 and were able to do much with him and mother and Shirley and her boys
those summers.  Daddy was delighted with Joni, then one and two years old, and
constantly wanted to show her to his pals at the drug store.  William Frasier, my
grandfather, built many of the roads and streets in Minden, according to family


William Simon Frasier was Postmaster at Timothy, Louisiana

Born November 11, 1866, departed this life 12-3- 1934


     Virginia Elizabeth Sanders Frasier was born April 23, 1873, departed this life 11-17-1952.

It is her mother who was named Barwick that was from a line of Barwicks in North Carolina and later South

Carolina that were in the Revolutionary War and received land in South Carolina for their service.

Virginia's Father was also in the Seminole war in Florida. William and Virginia raised their family near the

Caney Lake road just a few miles from 711 Pine Street. My Daddy built a house here. He was probably

reliving his youth.  Sound familiar?

           I remember working for Daddy in the summers on the Pecan View homes. I was involved in the

early part doing curb and gutters before I left for Atlanta for my job. I remember Mr. Robinson. Jim McCabe

and I would go by his grocery store every time we had to keep score for the Redbirds. I remember his daughter, Marcelee,

as a very beautiful girl.* I did not know what happened to the store I go by it every time I come to Minden and I have

 been in it a couple of times since.

          I don't remember where the CCC camps were. I do remember that the fairgrounds had some barracks in the 40's

that I think were made of shell boxes. Some of us boys would spend the night in them a few times. Maybe these were

used for the CCC camps in the 1930's.

     One of my main regrets is not knowing what happened to the wonderful WPA murals in the lobby of the Post Office

on Main Street. I cannot believe the powers that be did not try to save them when they tore the building down. 


Submitted by Jerry Frasier


   * ( Note :When Ray Boyle sold the home at 711 Pine Street to the Robinson's, Bo and Patsy Drake purchased

Robinson's Grocery Store on Pine Street. They changed the name and put in a small cafe and gas station. Mr.

Robinson also opened a nursery on Pine Street.)

My great grandmother Virginia Edith Elizabeth Barwick 1841-1925 married Martin Rush Sanders (1839-1880). After Sanders died she married Joe Turner (no relation to R and B singer of the 50s) from Goodman, Mississippi and moved to Minden after Turner died (they had no children) to be closer to her daughter, Virginia. Virginia Elizabeth (Virginia had two siblings  John Percy Sanders, probably my Daddy's namesake who  came to Louisiana. He  worked for the  Arkansas Fuel Oil Company.  Josephine Sanders Williams also came to Louisiana.  Virginia (Elizabeth) Barwick Sanders Turner was buried in the Minden Cemetery.  I had overlooked that she was there. I have enclosed attachments of the Barwicktree as well as photos.             Jerry Frasier

They are interred in the Minden City Cemetery in Section D

The six markers in this plot read...


Turner, Virginia E.

1840 - 1942

Frasier, Virginia S.

1872 - 1942

Frasier, William S.

1869 - 1934

Frasier, Albert Eugene

23 Jul 1902 - 24 Apr 1953

Frazier, Mildred O.

1911 - 1933

Reeves, Charles Harold

25 Apr 1942 - 26 Apr 1942


Charles Reeves was the infant son of Johnny Frasier, sister of Edward Frasier and Charles Reeves.