During the 1950's the Dixie Hoe Down was held at the Minden Community House
located in Victory Park. Three popular musician's played to wide local acclaim;
1) Jimmy Pickard) (2) Johnny Shockley) and Jim Landrum.

On Saturday, Pickard would be chosen "King of the Dixie Hoe Down," and the next
Saturday night the honor would go to Johnny Shockley. However, if the Jim Landrum
fan club showed up, he would be crowned instead. Landrum usually went to Hunter's
Playhouse next to the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant; so Landrum seldom won the honors at
the community house.

Sue Stanfield was secretary-treasure of Landreum's fan club. She would gather up his
cards and letters and mail them to Jim for his Saturday morning radio program. His
fans felt he had the looks and charm he needed along with the talent to make it to the
big time. Jim always looked so suave with his beautiful blonde ducktail haircut which
was very stylish. Elvis Presley also wore his hair in ducktails as did Tony Curtis & John

Local girls were said to have crushes on one or all of these musicians.

(1) Jimmy Pickard) (2) Johnny Shockley) and Jim Landrum.



Jimmy Pickard and Johnny Shockley were very close friends. They had
so much in common. Both enjoying their guitar pickin' and competing
vocally at the Dixie Ho Down.

Jimmy left Louisiana and moved to Nashville. He wrote songs for Acuff
Rose Publishing Company. Jimmy has written about 300 songs. He said,
some were recorded and some were not. His professional name was
Jimmy Jay. He recorded for Hickory Records as well. He was on the road
for about about twenty years and met his wife Jeanie in Charleston.
They have celebrated forty-three years of marriage.

Jimmy and Jeanie have three sons and seven grandchildren. They all
love music and his youngest son writes, as well.

The Pickard's now live in Florida. He and his youngest son have a business

Jimmy says, he still writes at times when he gets a good idea.


As told by
His former wife Reggie Jimerson Shockley Weeks

I didn't know much about Johnny in his earlier (Minden) years. When I met
him he was playing the night clubs between Minden and Shreveport. At that
time his band consisted of his brother, Buddy, (now deceased), Jimmy Pickard,
and my cousin, Vernon Jones. His band members changed many times over the
years as we moved from place to place. Music wasn't a "living," in those
days, in order to provide for our family, Johnny began doing oil field work. That
is a profession requiring frequent moves. When we lived in Shreveport his band
consisted of Bobby Byrd, lead guitar, (now deceased), T.J Seaman, Steel guitar
(who later became a Shreveport policeman) and Vernon Jones who played base.
Wherever we lived we continued to play music. Times change and so do
people. After 10 years of marriage and two children we divorced.

I was told that Johnny played for a while on that show out at Keithville I believe
it might have been called the Louisiana Hayride...although people said it was nothing
like the original; Louisiana Hayride. From there he drifted to South Louisiana. He
made one record on a label called Rotary Records. I believe it was his private label
(to reflect both his careers).

As the years progressed he fell victim to alcoholism and in the fast lane. In his
early teens to the very end of his life, music was his first love. He was possessed of
a great talent and perhaps a different pathway at some time in his life might have
brought him the fame he so desired. Instead life gave him an early end to a dream

_______________R. I. P___________
Johnny's marker reads...

BORN 03 SEPT. 1935
DIED 31 OCT. 1971

He is buried next to Charles Shockley, Sr. (1927-1989) in the Lane Memorial Cemetery In
Sibley, Louisiana. There is also a place reserved for Evelyn J. (1932- )
Johnny was buried in the same plot as Mrs. Bertha Morgan, the grandmother of Jean Morgan
Griffin. Youngsters then called her "Granny" Morgan. She lived in the 600 block of Constable St.
for many years prior to her death. "Granny" was a Shockley before she married. Johnny
called her Aunt Bertha.

Bertha S. Morgan
22 Dec. 1895
02 Mar. 1984

Johnny and former wife, nee Reggie Jimerson were the parents of two children (one son and
a daughter)

BORN 24 NOV. 1958
DIED 16 OCT. 2009
Donna's talent was art. There is more about Donna Karen Shockley and her family ...

BORN 06 APR. 1961 Shreveport, Caddo, La.
DIED 31 OCT. 1997 Flagstaff, Coconino, Arizona, USA
Michael's talent was cooking
He was married to a lady named Jana.
They were the parents of a son named


1. Donna Karen Shockley Applied for Marriage lic.
Name: Donna Karen Shockley
Gender: Female
Residence state: Nevada
Spouse: Wayne Harlan Collins
Spouse residence state: Nevada
Marriage Date: 24 Nov 1979
Marriage County: Clark
Officiant type: Religious celebrant
Recorded date: 6 Dec 1979

Name: Donna Karen Shockley
Gender: Female
Residence state: Nevada
Spouse: Wayne Harlan Collins
Spouse residence state: Nevada
Marriage Date: 24 Nov 1979
Marriage County: Clark
Officiant type: Religious celebrant
Recorded date: 6 Dec 1979

Donna Karen Shockley

Birth 24 Nov 1958 in Shreveport, Caddo, Louisiana, USA
Death 16 Oct 2009 in Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, USA

Death notice: Last name: collins

Name: Donna K. Collins
Last Residence: 89128 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada
Born: 24 Nov 1958
Died: 16 Oct 2009
State (Year) SSN issued: Nevada (1971)
Karen Shockley
Gender: Female
Residence state: Nevada
Spouse: Wayne Harlan Collins
Spouse residence state: Nevada
Marriage Date: 24 Nov 1979
Marriage County: Clark
Officiant type: Religious celebrant
Recorded date: 6 Dec 1979
Recorded county: Clark
Book: 582
Page: B232699
Instrument number: 29891



Nicole and Travis Collins by 1st marriage
Nicole has 2 children, Kevin and Ava
Travis Collins has 1 daughter, Kaylie Collins
3 boys and 1 girl by 2nd union
Tyler, Tristan, Tanner, and Nadia Pellington( deceased)

Johnny Laska Shockley

Birth 3 Sep 1935

Death Oct 31, 1971

*Johnny was born Johnny Laska Shockley He hated his middle name. Laska was a "family" name passed down. When anyone asked him his full name he just gave them the name he liked, Lawton. This changing of his name began when he was a youngster. Not many people outside of his immediate family knew his real name.

Michael was good looking, looked so much like Johnny . He was taller and more refined in looks.
He was actually more handsome than Johnny. Donna as a young lady was beautiful, the image of
her mother.

For those of you with sharp eyes, did you notice that Johnny and Michael died on the same date
and at the same age? Both were killed in accidents, Johnny in a car accident and Michael in a
train accident. Eerie, isn't it?

I never knew much about the musicians in the Minden area. My life with Johnny was very
nomadic, so I lost touch with people from that area. I've lived most of my life in the West
Coast. Don't have a clue where Vernon Jones is or if he is still living.

Clyde Brown of Minden was my cousin. His father and my grandmother were brother and
sister. They came from a family of ten children, so I have lots of relatives I have not met.

I remember "Granny" Morgan and her granddaughter, Jean Morgan. She was Johnny's
Aunt Bertha. Jean was living with her during her teen years. We are still friends to this

Would be fun to attend The Minden City Cemetery Ghost Walk, I'm sure. but I don't travel
much anymore. I haven't been home since 1988. I'm still as Southern as I ever was. You can
take the girl out of the South but you can't take the South out of the girl! I've enjoyed this
little "chat" with you.

Many thanks to Mrs. Reggie for sharing her Memories of Johnny and her family with us.


When Johnny first started out he was more a picker than a singer. I don't recall when he
started singing. I think it was when they had those talent shows that the radio station
sponsored first at the REX THEATER and later moved to the old community house. John and
Buddy played some live shows on the first radio station in Minden. Some people used to
get him and my brother mixed up due to similar last names. They use to tell Mom they
heard her son on the radio. Sammy David was a D. J. at K.A.P.K. in Minden during that
time. Do any of you remember Johnny Tinnell singing at the Community House? I remember
him singing "Anything" one night.


Johnny Shockley and I were in the same 7th grade class. When we would have a class party,
Johnny would bring his guitar and sing two or three songs for us. Everyone enjoyed him. He
was obviously talented and his little guitar sounded great. Johnny found out I was learning to
play the guitar so everyone chimed in and insisted that I bring my guitar to the next party and
sing with Johnny. So I made my public performance debut with Johnny in the 7th grade and
we sang "Filipino Baby" together. Johnny was cool and very calm when he performed, but I
was scared to death. However, he encouraged me and I made it through.

Says Reggie, Johnny's former wife, "Does anybody remember Searcy Mobley?"

I didn't know Searcy Mobey and I only remember that name because it is so unique. Very
different. The way I know it is because years ago I had a record with Johnny on one side and
Searcy on the other. I couldn't tell you now what either of them sang. I think Johnny might
have done Hank Snow's "Bluebird Island". But hey, I'm old now and too many years have
passed me by. They must have either been "scouted" at one time or a promoter had them do
a demo. The record was long since lost in a fire. To sad, since they are both gone.

Reply: As a child I remember Searcy Mobley lived in Dixie Inn and may have gone to the
Antioch Baptist Church. He also married a girl who was living in Dixie Inn around 1949/50.


Jim was born March 27, 1934 in Minden, the son of Inez Rowland Landrem and the late Alton R. Landrem. The Landrem family moved to Shreveport in 1947 where Jim attended Byrd High School. While in High School Jim began taking guitar lessons from the late Tillman Franks at J & S music store. Not only learning to play guitar, Jim got valuable lessons about the music business from Franks who was very active with the Louisiana Hayride. While at Byrd High School, Jim formed friendships with fellow country musicians such as the late Merle Kilgore, Ronnie Crain, Jimmy Rodgers, ”Rawhide” Turner and W.T. Eason.

After graduating from Byrd, Jim and his family moved back to Minden where he began playing Saturday nights on the Dixie Hoedown at the Community House. This smaller version of the Louisiana Hayride was the creation of the late Paul Howard, formerly of the Grand Ole Opry. One of the fan favorites was “Rock Road Blues” with Johnny Shockley on the mandolin. Jim also had a radio show on the local station.

After enrolling at La. Tech, Jim and Ronnie Crain formed “Jim and Ronnie and the Hogback Mountain Boys” a country music group that had a radio show on KRUS, played at various Clubs in and around Monroe, made guest appearances on Kilgore’s TV show in Monroe, played with several groups from the Louisiana Hayride and played frequently on the Ouachita Jamboree in West Monroe.

After graduating from La. Tech the “Hogback Mountain Boys” dissolved and was no longer “chasing that neon rainbow and living that honkytonk dream”.

Jim is living in the New Orleans area with wife Lois, two children and four grandsons