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1940 School Year Girls’ Glee Club

Piano Class

Can anyone identify the people in these pictures?

Does anyone recognize the teacher?

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On page 2 is a copy of the Girls’ Glee Club picture from the 1950 Grig. Unfortunately, the roster is by Sopranos and Altos and the individuals are not identified by location. I used this picture because I had the book and it is a clearer image. I thought that by comparing this picture with the one that Sherry sent I could identify the individual’s in her picture.

As I said in an earlier message I believe that Sherry’s picture is of the 1949-1950 school year Glee Club. There are several reasons for my conclusion. Mr. Cooke is in all of the choir pictures in the 1950 Grig. He is not shown in any of the 1951 Grig pictures. The members are all wearing white blouses and dark skirts in both Sherry’s picture and the one below. The members are wearing long dresses in the 1951 Grig. There are 42 members in the 1950 Grig picture. There are 41 members in Sherry’s picture. There are 47 members shown in the 1951 club picture. Nan and Bess Hunter are in the 1951 club and I don’t recognize either of them in Sherry’s picture.

Back Row (Left to Right) Third Row (Left to Right) Second Row (Left to Right) Front Row (Left to Right)

10. Bobbie Womack 10. Sandra Gray 10. Janis Krause (?)

11. Peggy Wise 11. Jimmie Sue Hudson 11. Jean Sentell

12. Nell Womack

I have filled in the above listing by a process of elimination and some are guesses. The question marks are the ones that I’ve guessed and some of the others may be wrong. Billie Jean Brown is on the members list, but I can’t find her. Her blonde hair should make her stand out. Also, I can’t guess at the sixth girl on the back row.

I would be glad to hear from anyone with corrections or additional information.

Rowland Ivy

My guess would be that Billie Jean is the third person to the left on the next to the last row from the top. Notice the pretty blonde hair.

Sherry Gritzbaugh

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Submitted by Rowland Ivy

I concur with Rowland. I do not find Billie Jean Brown in the above picture although she is on the list.

Sherry Gritzbaugh

                                                                 Submitted by Rowland Ivy

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