It may have been taken in the park area just west of Lewisville road, downtown, I forget the exact name.  

Tom Carey, Class of 1965      

And there's my mother, Katie Drew Carey, at the other end of that row. 

Thanks for this picture.

Katie Karie Sims, Class of 1966

What a wonderful picture! The "leg o'mutton" sleeves for ladies were introduced in the 1890s and had died out by around 1905 or 1910. Therefore these folks were elderly if still living during our era. If only the house in the background were clearer someone might recognize it. Thank you for publishing these treasures.


Judy Gleason Claasen, Class of 1954

Submitted by Tom Carey, Class of 1965

Legion54  - American Legion Memorial Home

This is where we held our Jr. Sr. Banquets every year.



 Some Minden Jr. League Ladies - Do you recognize anyone?

 Minden Baseball Team around the late 1890s

 Womanless Wedding - Mr. Woods and Larry Hunter

 Hicks Gas Station on the Shreveport Road

 Hicks Gasoline Company located on the Shreveport Road

  Submitted by Judy Hamner Dodson

Butterflies in Confederate Park

Larry Milford hangs a butterfly in Angel Park on Main Street

This is a picture of a friend of Schelley Brown's.
Her name is Donna. She was on the cover of a
car magazine that was at last years show.

This is Schelley Brown with two of her cars.

189_   Schelley Brown

Aerial View of the Campus Before the 1954 Building, Compliments of Morris Busby

View 2 - MHS, Compliments of Morris Busby

View 3 - Aerial View of MHS Submitted by Morris Busby, Principal. (Compliments of Kristi Richards, Minden Press-Herald.)

MHS View 4 of 4 Submitted byMinden High School, Principal Morris Busby, Compliments of  Kristi Richie of the Minden Press-Herald.

Compliments of Morris Busby, Principal of MHS, This picture hands in his office 2004/05. It is probably from the 50's or early 60s. Can anyone identify these photograph's?es


 Mrs. Samuel Webb and her daughter, Julia

  This is Mrs. Samuel G. (Sally) Webb and her daughter Mrs.C. Marion ( Juliet ) Hutton

Compliments of Archives and Special Collection LSU State University - Shreveport One University Place Shreveport, Louisiana 71115-2399


Compliments of Archives and Special Collections -LSU- Shreveport, One University Pl. Shreveport La. 71115-2399

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