From today’s Minden Press-Herald, article telling top 15 stories from Webster Parish during the year 2015:  No. 10 – “Valedictorian and Salutatorian Titles No More”

 “The graduating classes of 2015 were the first in Webster Parish to do so without a valedictorian and salutatorian. 

Minden High School Principal Robin Tucker says the policy to drop them went into effect four years ago, making this year’s class the first to graduate without the coveted titles.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dan Rawls said the idea was to do away with favoritism and allow more students a chance for scholarships to college.  It also helps alleviate any potential contamination of grades.

Students went to a cum laude system, which is based on grade point averages.”

Submitted by Ann Mays Harlan, Class of 58

 VALEDICTORIAN - Miss Alline Barker SALUTATORY - Harry McGinnis     (Note: Salutatory given by John Boyce) President:  Harry McInnis gave welcome delivery There were 75 members of the graduating class

 Submitted by daughter of Alline Barker   


SUBMITTED BY DAUGHTER OF ALLINE BARKER  I have a picture that I will send when I send the other information.  She's young in the picture but don't know her exact age.  Yes, she was born in 1912 which puts her at age 18 when she graduated.  Another question I have - weren't there just 11 grades back then?  Wish I could confirm that.  As to college, I know she went at least one year and maybe two at Monticello, Arkansas.  She then taught school a couple of years and married in 1935.  I think if you attended college at all back then, you could teach, in rural Arkansas, anyway.  She was also musically inclined - played the piano by ear and had a beautiful alto voice.  She collected poetry and I have an old notebook of hers in which she had copied favorite (I assume) poems.  I didn't know about the poetry when I was growing up.  Thank you for being interested in all this. Krim Byard, Daughter or Alline Barker,  

MHS CLASS OF 1930  speech by Alline Barker 

Mrs. Barker's daughter copied this for us in hope's we could send it to you so you could read it as she had written it herself.  It was 4 pages long but not readable.  We wanted youto  have the pleasure of reading it for yourselves.


Here is all I have on Cousin Sara. An excellent source was her niece Joan. Joan Minden grad of late 'AD's s. You probably remember her sister Jane who graduated with me in 1953 deceased Mrs. Joan (James) Reeves Booth

Submitted by Herman Ratliff, class of 1953

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Keith Lloyd, Valedictorian


Janice Lee, Salutatorian 1959

 Ann Mays, Valedictorian of the Class of 1958. 


Patricia Mullins was Salutatorian of the Class of 1958


                Margaret Alice Powell, Valedictorian of the class of 1957, Jimmy Johnson is Salutatorian.     



Ed Leachman, Valedictorian of the class of 1956, Jack Moreland, Salutatorian. He played basketball for the NBA.

See also Class Favorites for Who's Who and Literary Honor's in 1957,1958 and 1959

This is a photograph for the American Legion Essay Contest taken by Quade Studio, Minden, La.

First Place - David James

Second Place - Cleve Taylor

Third Place - Edwin Leachman

 Photo, Compliments of Cleve Taylor

The big smile of Ed's face is because they received cash awards!


Standing, L to R: Perry Lowe, Ed Duncan, Eugene Frazier, James Rhea Love, Bill Terrill, James Moorehead. 

Seated, L to R: David James III, Edward Kennon, Jack Moreland, Don Bloxom.

1956 Grig

Submitted by Linda Holt Moorehead

Charles Gilton Lewis, Valedictorian        Sammy Maxey, Salutatorian

Both Charles and Sammy became doctors.


Sally Powell,Valedictorian                           Douglas Simolke, Salutatorian

From the 1955 Grig - Also winning honors were:

Charles Adams and Steve Kirkikis were Co Valedictorians for the class of 1953. Steve Kirkikis became a doctor.

From the 1954 grig

Alman Adcock, Salutatorian of the class of 1953. He is now deceased.

Also winning honors were

From the 1954 Grig

Mary Jane Adams was the 1952 Valedictorian - Rowland Ivy was the 1952 Salutatorian

Also winning honors were

From the 1953 Grig

Jeane Owen, 1951 Valedictorian

Submitted by Rowland Ivy

Mary Nell Wise, 1951, Salutatorian

Submitted by Rowland Ivy


Jodie Harper and Thad Andress, Co-Valedictorians for 1950

Carolyn Day, Salutatorian for 1950


Submitted by Rowland Ivy


Elizabeth Womack, 1949Valedictorian - Betty Lou Moore, 1949Salutatorian

Submitted by Rowland Ivy


Luther Moore, 1948 Valedictorian - Tommie Miller, 1948 Salutatorian

Submitted by Rowland Ivy


Del Messer, 1947 Valedictorian   Mary Alice Williams, 1947 Salutatorian

Submitted by Rowland Ivy

Submitted by Rowland Ivy


Submitted by Rowland Ivy

Margery O'Kelley,  Valedictorian of MHS Class of 1938




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    Valedictorian was Mary Grace Gruner

 Salutatorian was Betty Ola Bright

American Legion Awards: Herbert Purtle & Betty Ola Bright

Science Award: Herbert Purtle

Readers Digest: Mary Grace Gruner



Valedictorian was Jan Redding

Salutatorians were David Lindsey & Mary Elizabeth Perritt

American Legion Awards:

Boy: James Hugh Henry

Girl: Bernia Marie Miles

Miss Kuma Shealy Latin Award: Mary Turner Spencer (Junior)

Mrs. Roy R. Miller Short Story Award: Harlin Messer

Readers Digest: Jan Redding

In VALEDICTORIANS/SALUTATORIANS for the class of 1944-----the valedictorian was "Dorothy Ann Meeks", not just Ann Meeks.
Dorothy Jean Hurley Osborn


Valedictorian was Dorothy Ann Meeks

Salutatorian was Dorothy Jean Hurley

American Legion Award

Boy: Eugene Ratliffe

Girl: Christine Sapp

Science Medal By Bausch & Lomb - Eugene Ratliffe

Latin Award - Jan Gray

Short Story Award - Martha McDonald

Readers Digest - Dorothy Ann Meeks




Valedictorian was Augusta Harper

Salutatorian was Margee Sanders

American Legion Award: Betty Jean Jones & Jack Crisler

Science Medal: Rodney French

Bausch & Lomb Optical: Curtis Greer

Short Story: Augusta Harper

Readers Digest: Augusta Harper



Valedictorian was Ione Davis

Salutatorian was Lenora Collins

American Legion Award: Mary Louise Life

Short Story: Arnold Braswell

 Arnold Braswell won the short story award for his story about a fighter pilot who died but helped destroy a German troopship approaching the Carolina coast to invade. Of course, little did he know at the time that such an invasion  was impossible for the Germans to carry out. His story was published in the local newspaper.

Readers Digest: Ione Davis

Science Medal: James Davis

Bausch & Lomb: James Lindsey

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